About Us

With a rich history, a welcoming community, and a commitment to progress, we're here to connect you with the heart of our community, whether you're a resident, a visitor, or a business looking to thrive. Be a part of our vibrant community, which proudly serves as the Aluminum Boat Capital of the World.


Residents Call Lebanon Home


Years of Local Business Legacy

Top 15

in Statewide Manufacturing Employment

Thriving Economy & Strong Community

The service sector, particularly in healthcare, is thriving, and agriculture remains a cornerstone of Laclede County's economy. In this environment, thriving businesses and excellent educational institutions create ample job opportunities and foster a strong sense of community.

We are proud to call this place our home.

And we invite you to make 'Our Town, Your Town' in Lebanon and Laclede County, Missouri as well.

Meet Our Chamber Board of Directors

Our Chamber Board of Directors is composed of dedicated individuals who are passionate about driving the growth and prosperity of Lebanon and Laclede County. Their leadership and expertise play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our community and supporting businesses and residents alike.

Melissa Wehner


Emily Huckaby

Vice President

Sondra Caldwell


Lance Boyer


Brett Thompson

Board Member

Dr. David Schmitz

Board Member

Mark Campbell

Board Member

Mitch Shields

Board Member

Jason Wilson

Board Member

Ashley Mahan

Executive Director

Christina Knight

Administrative Assistant

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